In 2008, the Sex and the City movie was released and millions of viewers witnessed Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, emerge from  a limousine wearing the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress and a beautiful peacock headpiece.

Carrie Bradshaw with Peacock Headpiece

Seeing this ostentatious headwear on the style icon was enough to set the trend. Even now, four years later, we see girls wearing peacock feather jewelry, home decor and prints on t-shirts and clothing.

Peacock Feather Earrings

Peacock Feathers Centerpiece

I want to help you use this trend to create your own unforgettable party!

Firstly, your invitations should be plain and feature a simple print of a peacock feather, it is classic and bold.

Peacock Invitations

Invitations from Etsy and The Inspired Bride

Your invitations should also encourage guests to wear peacock feather accessories! Women can wear shoes, accessories and jewelry featuring the feathers while men can have the feather in their suit pocket!

Peacock Accessories

Find this item on my online store: Masquerade Feather Mask; Pocket square by TinBox Creative Studio

A peacock feather theme offers a beautiful colour scheme to work with; you have the option to use real feathers, prints of feathers or merely the colours. I like the idea of having decorations and tableware in green, blue and purple and accessories and additional props that are made from real feathers.

Blue Party Puff

Find this item on my online store: Paper Party Puffs

Peacock Feather Wreath

My Drap Napkin and Peacock Ornament

Find this item on my online store: My Drap Luncheon Napkin

Peacock Ornaments

Find these items on my online store: Green Garland Beads, Purple Bead Ornament

Peacock Dinner Napkin

Find this item on my online store: Peacock Plumes Dinner Napkin

For this party theme, you can be very liberal with your food offerings. Hors d’oeuvres and bite-sized snacks are a great party food because people love to munch while chatting or during breaks from the dance floor! Sweets will never go to waste and can be made to match your theme easily; they can be  extravagant (like the cake below) or simple (like macaroons)!

Peacock Themed Sweets

Macarons from Gourmantine

As always, the music is what gets the party started so here are a few ideas for your playlist!

1. Peacock – Katy Perry
2. Glamorous – Fergie
3. Payphone – Maroon 5
4. Lights – Ellie Goulding
5. Wild Ones – Sia & Flo Rida

More inspiration on this Peacock Pinterest Board!

Terry Diab, Owner at Party Good Times and Party Tip Sheet

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